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Investigations- Page Three

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Still Residing in Bannack, MT

Inmates Still at the Old Idaho Penitentiary

Idaho City Cemetary

Voices from Virginia City

It Runs in the Family

Haunted Demolition Derby Car

Still Residing in Bannack

Bannack is a spine-tingling ghost town with lots of history and a few leftover residents still making themselves known to visitors. SEIPO members investigated the town of Bannack the last week in September. We got some definite creepy vibes, none of which are measurable scientifically, and a couple EVPs. Click below to hear them. Note: Several are very soft, you will need to turn up the volume and listen closely. The first 2 are from the Masonic Lodge. There are stories of a young girl who drowned in the nearby creek playing on the merry-go-round in front of the masonic lodge. See also the photos. The sun was bright that day, but it does seem that we get some extra orbs around a few of the buildings, the Masonic Hall being one of them, with little regard to the angle the pictures were taken from or which camera we used. The 3 and 4th EVPs are from the Meade Hotel, where numerous reports of a ghostly girl come from. The last EVPs were taken at one of the Gibson Houses. These were all taken during the day. Who says spirits only make themselves known at night?

EVP1Ban4 - Masonic Lodge- Voice says, "Nothing"?

EVP2Ban4- Masonic Lodge - Anyone want to communicate with us? "Yeah".

EVP1Ban5- Meade Hotel - Did I find your hidding place? "Yeah."

EVP2Ban5- Meade Hotel- Strang childlike sound.

EVP1Ban6- Gibson House- Someone taps recorder and says "Hi".

EVP2Ban6- Gibson House- "Good Bye".

Please click on the following thumbnails to see a larger photo.

Mason Lodge Mason Lodge 2 Meade Hotel Gibson House 1 Gibson House 2


Inmates Still at the Idaho Penitentiary

Recently SEIPO investigators visited the old Idaho Penitentiary in Boise. It is reportedly haunted by the spirits of several of the inmates who were imprisoned under very harsh conditions. Over it's history there were several murders, suicides, assaults, riots, and executions. SEIPO investigators visited the prison during the afternoon and took along their digital recorders. During their visit there were some personal experiences. One investigator saw lights flashing on the ceiling in the corner of the showers. Another investigator's digital recorder began to malfunction when he entered death row. The recorder suddenly began to record the same sound over and over again for ten minutes. The recorder had never done that before and has not done it since. The investigator believes he can hear voices right before the malfunction but the file can not be be downloaded because the file is corrupted. Finally, after reviewing the recordings there were several possible EVP's. Some of them are very faint and there were other people on the property at the time. The following EVP's have been determined to be acceptable to post.






Please click on the following thumbnails to see a larger photo.

Idaho Pen 1 Idaho Pen 2 Idaho Pen 3 Idaho Pen 4Idaho Pen 5 Idaho Pen 6


Idaho City Cemetary

Recently SEIPO investigators visited Idaho City, Idaho. Idaho City was started in the early 1860's as a mining town. The town today is a tourist attraction about 1 hour outside of Boise. The entire town was very interesting but where SEIPO investigators found paranormal activity was in the cemetery. SEIPO IN NO WAY WISHES TO SHOW DISRESPECT TO THE PEOPLE WHO HAVE LOVED ONES BURIED IN PIONEER CEMETERY. THE INVESTIGATION WAS PERFORMED DURING THE THE DAY, QUIETLY, AND WITH REVERENCE FOR THE DEAD. With that said, Pioneer Cemetery is a very interesting location, which is located on the side of a mountain in the middle of the forrest.

SEIPO investigators walked through the cemetery taking pictures and recording audio with a digital recorder. One team consisted of an investigator and his daughter who is 11 years old. The team had no personal experiences while touring the cemetery. After returning home several possible EVP's where found. Now SEIPO investigators understand that since there where children present the authenticity of these EVP's can not be confirmed 100%, but these EVP's's have been scrutinized and have been deemed not to be of the 11 year girl present.

EVP 1 - Best EVP caught. Voice in background, maybe a small child? Can't tell what it is saying.

EVP 2 - Voice in background. Can't tell what it is saying.

EVP 3 - Voice in background saying, "Mom"?

EVP 4 - 11 year old investigator talking. Strange "Choaking" sound in background.

SEIPO was very pleased with Idaho City and hopes to return in the fall to do a full investigation at the Idado City Hotel, which has reportedly has paranormal activity. (Click on the images below to see larger images.)

Cemetary1 Cemetary 2 Cemetary 3

Cemetary 4 Cemetary5 Cemetary 6



Voices from Virginia City

While in Virginia City Montana, SEPIO members captured two of the best EVPs to date.

EVP #1 -The first EVP was captured in the C.F. Sauerbier general blacksmith shop. The door only partially opens and only two people at a time can enter the small observation area. The interior of the building is not accessible due to the barrier built just inside the door. AT THE TIME THE EVP WAS CAPTURED, THERE WHERE ONLY TWO ADULT PEOPLE INSIDE THE BUILDING WITH NO CHILDREN AROUND. One investigator was recording with a digital recorder (his voice can be heard on the recording) and the other investigator was taking pictures. A young females voice was not heard at the time of recording but was discovered when the recording was reviewed. The young girl’s voice can be heard along with the investigators voice and it is believed to say, “ Fifi … Over here… Fifi… (Car passing)… Got the ball? Is she speaking to a dog or maybe another child?

EVP#2- The second EVP was caught in the Fairweather Hotel. The investigators where walking into the hotel to climb the stairs to the second floor. In the corridor near the stairs a voice of a young woman and a young child where captured possibly discussing their safety. It is thought they are saying, “ I am going to protect you …. But we got to work as a team … (Other girls voice) A big team?” Again at the time the investigators were alone in the hall with only the receptionist behind the counter at the front of the hotel. The voices were not heard at the time of the recording and the investigator’s voice can also be heard inviting the entities to communicate.

Click on images below to see a larger view.

VG1 Thumbnail VG 2 Thumbnail VG 3 Thumbnail

VG4 Thumbnail



It Runs in the Family

Recently SEPIO investigators investigated a local home were the residents have reported several strange events. The family has reported hearing ghost pigs, seeing a ghost farmer, and believes a deceased family member still inhabits their home. The home is very old and is built from two Union Pacific Railroad houses, constructed for the railroad workers at the turn of the century. During the initial interview there were a few strange sounds caught on the recordings. One EVP is believed to be a voice saying, “Bad Girl.” The voice maybe referring to one of the two sisters who where in the room.

EVPINV1- Investigation - Are you out there? - Low muffled voice.
EVP2- Voice behind speakers voice
EVP3- Strange moan in background
EVP4 - Weird "Cat?" niose in background. They don't have a cat.

During the formal investigation there was only one personal experience. Three investigators where in the room where the “Farmer” had been seen when they believed they heard a person walking outside in the hallway. Over the walkie, the lead investigator verified the other team members where in the front of the house and not moving. At that time a low muffled voice was captured on a digital recorder. The voice cannot be understood. There were no further experiences that night.

The activity seems to be centered around the family and intensifies when they gather together. Soon after the investigation, the family hosted a family reunion on the property. During the reunion strange banging on windows began occurring at all hours of the day and night. Even though the reunion ended several weeks ago, the banging is still occurring. SEIPO has agreed to do a follow up investigation. (Click ont he photos below to see larger images)

Image 1 thumbnail Image 2 thumbnail Image 3 thumbnail



Haunted Demolition Derby Car

On April 3rd, at a local business in Pocatello, Idaho, two individuals experienced a mist-like phenomena that seemed to focus around an automobile that had been used as a demolition derby car. Their purpose that night was to take photographs of the car before working on it in preparation for the next event. As they were taking pictures, they noticed the mist swirl around the car, both inside and out. At that time, they were able to capture these photographs of the mist. (Click on the images to see a larger view)

Car1 Thumbail Car 2 Thumbnail Car 3 Thumbnail

On Tuesday, April 14th, SEIPO investigators made the initial contact with one of the individuals and his wife. SEIPO's primary goal during this appointment was to clarify the event that took place on April 3rd, take initial readings of temperature and electromagnetic fields, and audio recordings and digital images of the vehicle. The digital images and temperature readings seemed to be normal, but there did seem to be some suspect EMF readings as well as several possible EVPs. At this point, SEIPO would like to continue with a more thorough investigation of the car in its location. We will update when this is completed. Below are the EVPs recorded by SEIPO investigators on April 14th as well as the original images taken April 3rd.

EVP #1- Sounds to me like a whisper that come out of background noise. Does it say "Push it in?" I don't know.

EVP #2- Sounds like a weired sound someone is making with their mouth. Are they imitating a car? It you boost the base you can hear the syllables.

EVP #3- A clear voice in the back ground. NOT SOMEONE WHO WAS THERE! There were only four of us at the time. Does it say "Man Over", Mangrover", or something else?

EVP #4- In this sound clip, there is a voice that is very out of place. Sounds like "go", possibly "no". I'd like to think it says "go" because it occurred when one of Frank's friends enters the room.

EVP #5- In this sound clip, there is a a very faint voice that sounds like "no".

UPDATE- SEPIO investigators completed a formal investigation on the haunted demolition derby car.The investigation was performed at night and lasted for about five hours. There were no personal experiences but a camera did turn on by itself which could not be explained. The only evidence gathered were several new unexplained EVPs. The EVPs did not provide any information or useful leads for the team. The final conclusion for the investigation was inconclusive. SEIPO believes there is something happening with this car but has no decisive evidence to substantiate their belief.








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