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Marshall Public Library

Tee Pee Toys Warehouse

Enders Hotel



Marshall Public Library

After alarms at the Marshall Public Library went off for no known reason, new alarms wouldn't set, and a figure was reported standing in a doorway, library staff started to wonder. SEIPO investigators did a short walkthrough and then later set up equipment and left it over the weekend.

Interestingly enough, after the investigation, there was an increase in unexplainable incidents. None of the phones would ring. The alarm wouldn’t set above the “problem” door”, all of the computers were down. The server and the main program that they use to search books, check in and check out books, went down and had to be reprogrammed.  Internet for the public was also down and then the elevator started smoking.  The next day it stopped mid floors with someone on the elevator.  The fire dept. came and said there was some oil down the back, but that they couldn’t see anything else, but not to let anyone ride in until the elevator repairmen came to check it out.  They came and didn’t see anything at all wrong with it.  Workers at the library wondered if it is SEIPO that caused their ghost to be unhappy, or whether it was Minnie Howard's spirit just holding off everything that went wrong until after the new budget year started (in Oct) so things could be repaired quickly.  The ghost didn’t seem to be unhappy with the investigators as you can hear in one EVP.

EVP2=This is EVP1 reversed. Ah, now it makes sense. It says, ”Sounds fine”
EVP3= Whistles and bangs. (Sounds like the old boiler, which has been long removed)

EVP4-Movement of the recorder



Tee Pee Toys Warehouse

Around the turn of the century, the Fargo Building, as the Tee Pee Toys Warehouse was called, was situated in a rough area.  Murders ( a man found in a well with a hole in his head on 3rd Ave), suicides (strychnine and morphine bought from pharmacies were most common), and shootings were not uncommon. The building was initially a Fargo-Wilson-Wells store ( a dry goods store), and then was sold to Mutual Creamery Co. (1918), who sold it to Creameries of America Inc.(1945), and then Theron Pollard in 1982. Extended members of the Pollard family have stayed in the building, and were always very uncomfortable. 

SEIPO investigated for several hours and had a few experiences. We did not get alot of evidence, but what we did get was very interesting.

Experience: A light not left on earlier in the day was on as investigators came back to complete the investigation.  John witnessed someone popping his/her head in the doorway when they came in.  No one was there. 

EVP#1- 2nd floor- Bret's recorder. (We had two other recorder near that did not pick up the voice). We think this woman sounds British as she says, "I like you, and I'm feeling lovey too". Watch out, Brett. Your soul mate is calling!

EVP #2- 2nd floor- Scott's recorder. We were trying to provoke and asked if they had been hit. The voice says "Hit me".


Enders Hotel

Enders Hotel is located in Soda Springs, Idaho. The hotel has been restored to look like it did back in the day. According to a local source, Enders was THE place to go! It is still a great place to go for a good night's rest, and to check out the antiques of yesteryear in the 2nd floor museum.

The 2nd floor is said to be inhabited by a lady of the night who never left after she hung herself in one of the rooms, and Mr. Pape, a man who unsuccessfully tried to committ suicide and then went after hotel guests (and was shot dead by a lawman who happened to be staying at the hotel that night).

SEIPO investigated for several hours and had a plethora of interesting experiences and evidence.

Experience: The first personal experiences were reported by Nicole and Lisa.  Soon after arriving and unloading equipment to the 2nd floor of the hotel, both Nicole and Lisa reported a strong dizzy sensation followed by a nauseous feeling.  The sensations were experienced by the women and Bret and only in the hallway and a couple of the rooms of the 2nd floor.  Both Nicole and Lisa explained that they could step into a room from the hallway and feel great, with no dizziness, but that while in the hallway they would experience the symptoms.  The symptom only lasted one hour before they were no longer experienced.  After the set up of the equipment, both women were able to investigate without illness or dizziness.

Nicole and Lisa attempted to take pictures of the rooms using their cameras, but were only able to take about 7 on each camera before the cameras turned off (the batteries were drained, even though the cameras had been charged before the investigation).

The second experience was reported by Nicole and Scott.  As set up was nearly compete, the group left the premises for supplies for the night except Nicole and Scott who remained behind to adjust the last DVR camera.  Scott and Nicole decided to place the camera in the west hallway.  As they walked to that area of the 2nd floor, they saw a light on in one of the rooms at the end of the hall.  At that time Scott believed he heard soft voices coming from the room.  He believed that some guests from the 3rd floor had come down to the 2nd, which was a museum, but on further inspection the room was vacant.  When the rest of the team arrived they were questioned about the light, and though many of the group members had been in the area, none could recall turning on the light of that particular room. 

A third experience was reported by John Brian.  While in a room on the 2nd floor in the west hallway, John believes that he saw a shadow quickly cross the room directly across the hallway from the room he was I occupying.  He described it as a shadow but noted that the lights shining through the windows of the suspect room were briefly dimmed as the shadow passed in front of them.  He did not report hearing any sound. 

A fourth experience was reported by Scott in the Military Room of the 2nd floor of the west hallway.  Scott and Bret had entered the room, closed the door, and begun an EVP session.  During that session Scott asked if the prostitute who reportedly haunted the building was present, at that moment Scott experienced a sensation across his lower chest as if he were being touched.  He described the sensation like “static electricity” and also reported that he could feel the microfibers of his shirt being tugged in a linear motion.  During the EVP session and soon after Scott experience a faint voice was caught on the digital recorder.  Nicole after analyzing the voice believes it is saying “thank you”.

A fifth experience-- Bret walked by the side table at the top of the stairs as we were setting up.  The cupboard door swung open.  We tried to recreate it, but it didn’t open after being securely closed, no matter how many time we walked, or stomped by it.

A sixth experience-Lisa and Nicole decided to do an EVP session in the parlor and decided they would act as if they had come to visit any occupants of the room.  When they went to sit down, the piano stool creaked, and again when they stood up to leave. 

EVP#1- Military Room, 2nd floor Museum. Scott and Bret talk to the lady of the night that is said to still haunt the building. They get a "thank you" on their recording devices. It is very soft, and the clip is long so please watch the Mysterious Destinations Episode 1 to hear this evp. It has been enhanced on the video, making it louder and easier to hear.

EVP#2- Basement, No one is currently in the basement (Our camera supports this), but we hear the chair move across the floor nonetheless.

EVP#3- 2nd floor museum, As a couple of the male investigators enter a room in the museum, they capture this "hello" on their audio recording devices. It seems to be a male voice.

EVP#4- 2nd floor museum, Investigators capture a female voice saying "hello" on their audio recording devices. As we've said before, this is a friendly hotel!

EVP#5- 2nd floor museum, In the background you can hear a couple of the investigators talk, it's what is closer to the recorder that is so interesting. Can you hear what it says? We can make out "all the way home" near the end, but aren't sure what the first part says. Email what you think it says to We'd love to hear from you.

Please watch the Mysterious Destination Episode about Enders Hotel. Click here. There are some video clips of evidence that we recorded from Enders on the show.





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