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Open House for Potential Members- Time Change!

SEIPO is hosting an Open House for all interested in becoming affiliated with our group. The Open House will be held November 21st at 12:00-3:00pm at the Dance Vibrations Dance Studio at 428 N. Main in Pocatello. For more information, email

New Member!

SEIPO would like to welcome our newest Investigator-in-Training, Ryan. Read about him soon on the Members Page.

SEIPO Investigation to be Featured in Western Paranormal Magazine

SEIPO is pleased to announce that that one of their investigations will be featured in an article in the brand new Western Paranormal Magazine coming out early next year. The magazine focuses on paranormal activity with a travel component in the Western part of the United States.

Request for Your Stories, Photos, and EVPs!

We'd love to feature some of YOUR stories on a new website page coming soon. Please send your TRUE stories, EVPs, and photos to and your story may be featured on the site.

Please send text documents in Microsoft Word, in a .txt file , or in the body of the email; photos as a jpeg, gif, tiff, psd, pdf or pef file; and EVP's as a wave sound file. In the email, you must list your name and phone number where we can reach you; however for any material going out to the public (ex. on the website) your name can be listed or not-- as you wish. Please specify if you do NOT want us to use your name. If there is no specification, we will assume that you are giving permission for your name to be used. All entries will become the property of SEIPO to be used on the website, in publications or as otherwise seen fit. If you have any questions, please email

Idaho State Journal SE Idaho's Most Haunted

SEIPO will be investigating the winning building of the Idaho State Journal's contest for the most haunted building or place in South East Idaho. Entries include Pocatello High School, the Kane Building, the Enders Building in Soda Springs, Chesterfield, and Frazier Hall, among others. SEIPO members look forward to the investigation and results will be posted in the Idaho State Journal. Stay tuned!

Haunted Old Town Tour

On October 23rd & 24th, SEIPO will be joining with Old Town Pocatello to bring you the Haunted Old Town Tour. It is going to be fascinating. Bring your own cameras and join us! Tickets are being sold at Old Town Pocatello and benefits go to Old Town Pocatello. Call Stephanie at Old Town Pocatello to buy tickets! The number is (208) 232-7545.

Paranormal Investigation for Teens at the Marshall Public Library

Just in time for Halloween! SEIPO will be at the Marshall Library to present a program for TEENS. EVP’s, EMF’s and ghostly images… Find out just how haunted your library is! Youth are invited to bring digital cameras and recorders to try to capture what spirits there might be…

This is an after-hours program.... you must either be at the library before it closes at 6:00pm or be admitted at the Garfield entrance between 6:30 and 6:45pm

FRIDAY, OCTOBER 30, 2009, 6:30-9:00pm

For more information, contact Kath Ann at the Marshall Public LIbrary at (208)232-1263.

Call for Members

Dated March 5, 2008- The Southeast Idaho Paranormal Organization is now forming and looking for intelligent and talented members who are genuinely interested in the paranormal. An idea candidate for membership will have a college degree or personal skills that will enhance the overall effectiveness of the investigative group. The Southeast Idaho Paranormal Organization or SEIPO is a non-for-profit organization and, for the time being, is a volunteer only organization. Investigative groups will be organized by need and availability. If you are interested in more information please contact Scott at

Call for Equipment

Dated March 5, 2008- SEIPO is looking for investigative equipment in the form of recorders both digital and analog; video cameras with night vision both digital and analog; cameras both digital and LSR; electro-magnetic meters; computers; laptops, digital thermometers, and clerical supplies. Financial donations are always acceptable.

Call for Potential Investigations

Dated March 5, 2008- SEIPO is a non-for-profit organization dedicated to the scientific investigation of the paranormal in a respectful non-critical way. SEIPO attempts to bring an objective and unbiased investigators to all reported cases of the paranormal for the purpose of helping individuals in need of such services. If you or someone you know is in need of assistance with paranormal phenomena, we invite these individuals to contact SEIPO and discuss the situation with one of our members. We can be contacted at


Southeast Idaho Paranormal Organization is a non-profit organization.